BGES announces staff development achievements

Brian Braunstein has completed the requirements to become a Certified Lead Risk Assessor. He will provide Risk Assessments in addition to his lead and asbestos inspection responsibilities.

BGES receives four new term contracts with major state & municipal organizations

BGES, Inc. has so far secured term contracts this year with Cook Inlet Housing Authority, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) , University of Alaska (Anchorage & Fairbanks), and Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility (AWWU). They are term contracts of varying lengths for the provision of environmental services to each entity. This year, BGES, Inc. was also named the #10 "Largest Environmental Services Company" in the Alaska Journal of Commerce's 2007 Book Of Lists.

BGES’ client receives ‘No Further Action’ Status from ADEC within 4 hours of assessment report submittal

As part of a property transfer assessment, BGES conducted sampling beneath an underground storage tank that was located beneath an elevator shaft at a commercial property in Anchorage. Contaminant concentrations were detected above ADEC cleanup standards in one sample, and the release was reported to the ADEC. BGES’ report described the limited nature of the contamination, the ADEC concurred, and provided a ‘No Further Action’ Status for the site.

BGES performs what is likely the first ever Mushroom Remediation Pilot Test in Alaska

As part of our assessment of a seafood processing facility in Egegik, BGES conducted a pilot test to determine the efficacy of planting mushroom spores in conjunction with land-farming soils contaminated with diesel and Bunker C fuel as a remediation technology.

BGES performed its 170th Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESAs) during the first week of 2007

BGES has completed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments throughout Alaska, with more than 80 completed in the last two years. Our quickest turnaround to date has been the provision of a verbal report within 72 hours of notice to proceed.







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